Water Damage Work for Carpet Cleaners


Are you a carpet cleaner wanting to do flood restoration work?

1st you must decide what your company outlook will be towards doing drying. Are you going to consider yourself a cleaner who does floods or a water damage restorer who, also, cleans carpeting?  The immediate difference may only be the way you view yourself, but eventually it can determine what you end up being.


It used to be, cleaners could go to a flooded location, suck up the water, put in some drying equipment and get a nice payday, without much preparation.

Things are different now.


Everyone, including carpet cleaners, needs a minimum of knowledge to keep the lawyers away.


As a Local cleaner, looking for flood work, your best opportunity is your cleaning customers. 

Leave them a fridge magnet telling about your 24 hr flood damage service. "Yours was the first number I saw!" 

There are some very good Newsletters that will give you an exclusive territory. Promote yourself as the flood professional as well as great carpet cleaners.

Send post cards to your cleaning customers, in between the newsletters, with an offer to do cleaning work, while promoting yourself as the flood professional.

Use the programs Insurance Companies use, such as Xactimate.

There are companies that take your data and make an Exactimate report, for you, for a fee.


After connecting with an Insurance agent, visit them every month. Get to know the people in the front of the office who take the calls. They can help you with work!

Let the local hardware stores and plumbers know who you are. Buy from your local hardware. Get to know them, Talk about what you do.

Refer plumbers, who you trust to do a good job, if your flood victim doesn’t yet have  a plumber.

Get to know Real Estate Agents, especially the ones who manage rental properties. Look around and see the names on the yard signs. Go to their office and meet them! The more they see you, the more work you'll get, cleaning carpeting and helping them with their water damage work.

Visit….newsletter….post card!

Leave food with your card stapled to it, to put in the kitchen.

If it’s a large office, you can use the person you know to get to the rest.

Real estate agents have weekly meetings. They are looking for someone to make a presentation who can help them. You can help them…….make a presentation!

Realtors also have city-wide realtor organization meetings. Make a presentation. Doesn’t have to be fancy! Make sure you socialize while you’re there.


Develop a reputation for professionalism.To get called for water damage work, impress them with your professionalism while cleaning. This is your foot in the door. 

Learn all you can about the restoration business. Attend IICRC, RIA etc. classes. Read industry publications and go to as many conventions and industry events as possible.     

Keep pushing…..the calls will come.




          MAKE MONEY! 


       Dennis Klager

       IICRC Instructor

Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager