Training Cleaning Technicians


Training cleaning technicians, by passing our knowledge along, works well for a single truck owner, with an assistant. That’s how I did it. I developed a clone who thought like me.


We buy that second truck, then the third truck and it gets harder. We get drawn off the truck to handle other things. Less time with our people on the truck. What we taught our “original” clones gets passed along, but it’s getting watered down. The person on that third and fourth truck has never worked with us. We are not sure of what they know. We hope our techs are teaching them right.

Inspect what you expect. Some people, left alone, develop what’s easiest for them, which may not be what’s best.


First: some don’t remember things mentioned once or twice. It’s not intelligence. It’s human nature to be motivated differently as owners than employees.                                                                                                                             Second: there must be a manual or outline; something that can be followed and presented, consistently. Keeps the boss on target.


The same information is taught, the same way, to everyone. Have your technicians teach others. It helps them grow and develop self respect. They also appreciate what you do, a little more.


Third: telling something once or twice is not training. It's telling, showing and watching, over and over, till the behavior happens, every time.

Starting Out

Introduce the desired behavior and stay on it, till it happens. Could take weeks.

If your techs know you will “persist”, it will cut down the “testing”.


Positive Reinforcement


Positively reinforce what you want repeated. Ignore it and never see it again! Positive encouragement from the immediate supervisor has the biggest affect on the employee.




Some things happen every day and don’t need much follow-up Then there are things that don’t happen that often.

Example: at our company we do many different cleaning methods, but not all the time. A technician might use a portable today, while the last time, they did this, was 3 months ago. It’s not ground into their subconscious like "everyday" tasks.

To combat this, we have a portable procedure sheet that they must go over. It has all the information on it to do a portable job. It’s attached to any portable job ticket and it must be signed and handed in before going to the job.


We must, occasionally, go over things that shouldn’t be forgotten. This applies to any outside classes attended. If it’s been a few years, go back and refresh. Things may have been forgotten and some things have changed.

Outside classes are wonderful and, in my opinion, part of educating cleaning technicians but they can’t do it all. They are a beginning. We as owner/managers must continue the day to day teaching and reinforcement. Employees that fit your company needs, often, do not develop on their own.


Know what needs to be taught. Have an easy to follow outline, to keep consistent. Never stop teaching and following up.



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