The IICRC; Why We Should All Care


Cleaners and Restorers, as well as customers, should care about the IICRC.


Education is “part” of the process. It’s absolutely necessary. As someone who learned much, early in my career, from the “School of Hard Knocks”, I can tell you, “It’s not a fun way to learn!”  If I had to do it again, I would spend more time learning from those who have already been there. Yes…..experience is necessary, but knowing what's right, is critical for “good” experience.  


A major source of proven education, compiled by people who have, "been there, done that", is The International Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), There are more than 53,000 certified technicians. and more than 6,000 Certified Firms  worldwide.

That’s 40 years of experience, trial and error and documented proof available to you. Why learn the hard way when it’s been done, already? It’s been arranged in great books that have recent knowledge accepted by industry experts, known as “Standards” for what we do. They are upgraded by hundreds of industry professionals (which can include you, if you want) every few years. S500, for water restoration, has been, consistently, upgraded undergoing some major changes in outlook. Recent interpretation of science and new techniques and equipment are presented.

So let’s say you’ve taken advantage of this accumulation of “great stuff” and become Certified. Now what? No-one ever asked me if I was certified.

I must now let my customers know why it should be important to them that I am Certified. I need to educate them. Give it value. Add value to my company. Let them know I made this effort and I’m proud of who I am. I didn’t just “decide” to do these things, I do. I didn’t just pull these things out of a hat. I have knowledge from an industry accepted "Source" that can prove, in a court of law, I’m doing proper procedures. It’s what many carpet mills and other organizations want as verification that industry participants have training and knowledge that they find acceptable..

These “Industry Standards” I am applying should be promoted as partly why customers and potential customers should Trust me. It can also be why I trust myself! It’s proven this works; no need to use your customer’s living room as a test facility.

There are many classes to choose from, now. It's a ciriculum of classes, centered around a field of study, that certifies you in that area.


EXAMPLE: To be a Master Water Restorer requires certification in 6 subjects after 3 years from 1st certification.


FACT: When applied properly and used as a positive influencer, Certification can be a force in your career.

I can’t imagine my career, without great people I’ve met because of IICRC involvment. Mentors, friends, advisers; not to mention knowledge.

Many who won’t take advantage of this huge, inexpensive, resource are already using IICRC procedures that they learned from others. Why not get the rest?




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                   Dennis Klager





Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager