Spot Lifter Tool


Many times, spills in carpet will “wick” to the top of the fiber after hot water extraction carpet cleaning.

Sometimes, liquid spills not only go to the backing of the carpet but will continue on through the pad, to the sub floor.

I call these "call backs waiting to happen". If a large amount of coffee or cat urine is down there, cleaning the carpet fiber, doesn’t get it all and the material “down below” could be on its way to the top…….a call back.

Something that worked great for my carpet cleaning techs was an item called a “Spot Lifter Tool”. This is the smaller version of the Water Claw, often used in water damage restoration because of its ability to draw moisture up from the pad and carpet backing.


POINT - Call backs are schedule busters and profit killers. You probably didn’t plan on having to go back to re clean this re appearing problem and……neither did the customer.

POINT – Customers are happy to know you will return to take care of problems, but they’d rather you didn’t have to. It’s always better to get it right the first time; for the customer and certainly for you.


An 8" coffee stain can be 14” – 18” diameter on the back of the carpet…bigger than that in the pad. If you clean the 8” spot, the larger spot underneath “could” appear, on top.


One way to prevent all that stuff, from underneath, wicking up, while carpet cleaning, is to wipe it off the top of the fiber with a terrycloth towel, without wetting the bottom of the fiber or backing. This is often, not a permanent fix.


A relatively easy procedure for liquids down in the multiple layers, under the carpet is to use the mini Claw or “Spot Lifter Tool”. When starting on urine saturated carpet, pour room temperature water into the carpet and pad, being careful not to use so much it goes through the wood sub floor, upstairs. :)  Apply the spot lifter tool or the medium size Claw, if you like, and watch the green and yellow lift out into the extractor. Much of the urine is loose and not embedded into the fiber. Water …. extract with the Lifter …. water …… extract again, until you get no more coming up. Then use the fantastic oxidizing products that you pour into the carpet and pad, let it sit, according to label directions and extract with the Lifter. It can be amazing. A product we used, with great success, was Bridgepoint Pet Zone. 


With coffee a Tannin, Coffee, Urine (TCU) product poured in and Spot Lifted out can be very successful.

Remember, that de caffeinated coffee, often, has food dye in it to replace the color removed during the decaff process. It may require an acid dye remover, to remove the leftover stain.






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