Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Reasonable Rates

I see this a lot…….”reasonable rates”.
Reasonable to who?
When a residential service, advertises price, it’s a red flag. “Price” has become their focus. This can be the TOUGHEST and LEAST PROFITABLE way to grow a service business. It can be done, but you'd better move it!

20% – 30% of customers purchase services by price. The rest will pay within a range of prices.
When you focus on price, chances are you’re dealing with……….the 20% - 30% who only care about price.

I see it nationwide.The busiest carpet and upholstery cleaning companies are, often, NOT the cheapest. They pay attention to running a "business".
In many surveys of what’s most important, PRICE comes in number 4 or 5.

A Few Ideas to Get Out of the Price Rut
1. Don’t talk about price. Divert conversations from reasonable rates to other reasons to hire you. When you give the price, the conversation is over.
2. Get educated. If all you know how to do is push a wand, you have limited prospects for making money. Cleaning carpet, alone, is not that profitable!
3. Make your vehicles look great! Look like a company that should get paid more!
4. Personal Grooming. A “professional” wears clean, good looking clothes, smells good and smiles.
5. Sound good. Jury research has shown that the most believed people look and sound good. Your jury is your customer.
6. Know what you’re going to say. Make sure all employees are saying the same things.
7. Sweat the small stuff! Don’t put your tech box on furniture. Put on shoe covers when walking over already clean carpet. I could go on and on……
8. Don’t go too fast. It takes a certain time to make someone feel that they got what they paid for.
9. LEARN TO SELL. If you clean carpet, upholstery, oriental rugs, ceramic tile etc., are in sales. Sell!

People won't ask, "What all do you do?"

Protector can make the difference between a carpet and upholstery cleaning company that barely makes money and one that’s profitable.

PS Selling is not getting people to buy things they don’t need. Sell what they should be asking for, but don’t know to ask!
Open your mouth, is the first step.

10. Have "other" services to sell. Most homes have 5 or 6 different items you could be working on. It's much more profitable to stay at one house all day than to go to 3 houses, for the same money.
11. Get over the fear of asking the price you need!! People will pay for a good job and show. You must ask.

There are many levels of price. You and your accountant must decide that. Don’t feel guilty about charging what you are worth. People complained about our prices, at my company, all the time….then told us how great we were.
So, ask yourself. Do I offer something that people will pay more for or do I have to sell…………reasonable rates?


                MAKE MONEY!



                Dennis Klager  

                IICRC Instructor

Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager