Make More Money, Cleaning Carpet, Without Adding a Single Customer


Many cleaners want to make more money.  - safe assumption. :)

A simple way to have more income; make each hour of your day the most productive it can be.


 Here’s How:


  1. Set up your truck so you know where everything is and it’s easily reached…from the ground. Climbing in & out of a truck can consume precious time and is hard on the body. Something up behind the hose reel may stay there forever!!
  2. Use electronic measuring devices; they can be fast and accurate.
  3. Look over the job and decide which spray bottles you will need. Fill spray bottles, that can be filled, at the shop, before your road time starts.
  4. Put all items you will need, in a carrying tray and take them into the house, all at once.
  5. Keep the tray with your selected products near where you work. This is not only efficient and prevents running back and forth to the truck, but is also good inventory control. You went in with 7 bottles, so you leave with 7 bottles. Leaving a product behind can cause two problems. Not having that needed product on the next job and leaving a potentially harmful chemical behind for little Johnny to find!
  6. Use a battery operated or in-line sprayer. Pump-up sprayers need…..pumping up…..alllll day long. Battery operated and inline sprayers keep a constant pressure which allows consistent pace throughout the job. Battery operated sprayers give you freedom from cords.
  7. Use a groomer to spread and work in pre-spray in lightly soiled areas. In more heaviy soiled areas a Brush Pro will make the job easier.

When you are quicker, while still doing a good job, you will earn more money, cleaning carpet.

  1. Using an electric brush scrubber, like the Bridgepoint Brushpro, can get the job done sooner! Labor is the number one cost in your business! The carpet mills prefer the cylindrical brush action of the Brushpro, over the torque action of a rotary scrubber.
  2. Use fresh water tanks. Some days you can do 2 or 3 small jobs without ever hooking up hoses. Also it’s a real time saver when cleaning apartments or commercial. Get started while your assistant looks for the hose hookup.
  3. Water softeners in areas with hard water are a great maintenance preventer. A lot less clogging and de scaling. When your solution lines are coated with scale inside, water flow is reduced adding to the time required to do the job.
  4. Use a wider titanium wand. An extra few inches per wand stroke can make a big time difference over the entire job.
  5. Use a spot lifter for spills……beats returning next day because of wick back….which is a schedule buster and makes no profit! This is a small version of the “Water Claw” that can extract spilled liquid from the pad and carpet backing.
  6. SELL PROTECTOR! Turn a $2 a minute job into a $10 a minute job. You and your customers need it...... you make much more profit and their carpet looks better for many more years!

Cleaning carpet can be a hard job. Make it easier. Make more money.

I could go on. After 30 years you learn a few things. Come to my class on cleaning carpet and we’ll talk.


                   MAKE MONEY!


              Dennis Klager                                                                                                                                                                                                  IICRC Instructor







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