Hiring the Right People




A bold statement: The best companies work hard at hiring the right people.


It’s tough to be a great company with employees who don't like doing what your company does. Hiring the right people can make many of your problems disappear....unless you, as owner or manager, are one of the major problems. :) 


I owned/ran a 12 truck carpet and upholstery restoration (and more) business for years. I often spent as much, or more time, trying to develop followers and volunteers, as I did accomplishing our business goals.


This is part of being in business, to a point.


NOTE: When you are "managing" every minute of an employees day, you are way too busy! You need people who will take ownership of their reponsibilities and volunteer what needs to be done.


Someone who "just doesn't fit" into your business outlook, no matter how hard you try, can be exhausting and frustrating.  Some employees can be a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Sometimes, when you are asking yourself if this person should still be working's time to let them go.

Document reasons why. 


It was after I  f i n a l l y  fired a young man who had used up much of my energy and attention, that I realized that life was soooooo sweet without him!


I also had another epiphany. Our company needed to spend more time finding great employees.   

We initiated better hiring procedures. We marketed for good employees, all the time, not just when we needed one. Our current, good employees, often, had friends who were like them. 

We developed a profile of the kind of person we needed. 


Running newspaper ads (my least favorite source) sometimes took 10 or 15 applicants before we gave someone a “try out”.

Several interviews were done to make sure the first visit wasn’t a fluke. Talk. Let them talk back. Sit and listen. Look for communicators. Bright eyes.   


We developed a profile of a technician for our company. It took an extraordinary amount of effort to try to hire someone who fit, but it was a turn around moment.  


Spend time up front, finding and hiring the right people…. or waste time later. 

We suddenly had more trainable and responsive workers. We had team members who had the outlook we needed. Mom and Dad had given it to them. I had more time to spend on my business. 


The secret, in the cleaning business, is to be looking for good prospects all the time. When you see someone doing a fantastic job, where they currently work, give them your card and tell them to come see you, if they ever want to change jobs. 


The cleaning and restoration business tends to depend on "experienced" technicians. People who were trained by other companies. This can be a problem. Many of the jobs we have require detailed, specific procedures that are unique to our companies.  


NOTE: I'm not saying all jobs are like this. 


I needed folks who did it "my way" and "presented" with my attitude and professionalism. Another companies’ training, often, didn't accomplish this.  


EXAMPLE: We had very detailed procedures for our cleaning technicians. For this job, totally inexperienced people ended up being our best chance for success. No previous outlooks or habits to change. 


Finally. Drug test. Need I say more about this? Also, background checks....not just where they live now, but where they have lived, previously.


Bottom line..... hiring the right people can be hard work, but it will make life easier.




           MAKE MONEY!



           Dennis Klager





Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager