Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning, often uses a material that “encapsulates”, or coats, the soil particles to help prevent them from sticking to the fiber. Obviously, a different approach than fluorocarbon (Scotchgard and Teflon) that coats the fiber to prevent re-soiling. Most of the Encap products are around neutral pH and pretty good cleaners!

It’s difficult to get commercial properties to buy fluorochemical protectors. A similar outcome can be achieved with an Encapsulant product that includes protector. You won't get the price you would get for selling Teflon separately but a few more cents added, due to the included protector, can increase profits dramatically, over a large job. You look good to the building manager and it can also make your job easier, next time.

These products, usually, have anti wicking ingredients. This helps to prevent the “upward flow”, “upward migration” or “wicking”, (same) of soil during the upward wicking of water to the surface. It is great for slowing or stopping chronic wick-back. Restaurants with salad bars, that regularly needed a return visit for oily wick-back, might no longer have the problem, or at least, much less. I’ve personally have used itto remove coffee stains that didn’t return. (Can’t guarantee them all!)

The idea is to have a product that:

a)      is easy to use
b)      goes fast  - 10 minutes for encap - 20 40 minutes to wand same area
c)      dries quickly 
d)      stays clean longer


e)     helps prevent spots from returning

Encap Cleaning can be taught, quickly. Time spent training time can break the bank! Equipment like the Brush Pro make it, very, easy.  

Commercial work, often requires "acres" of carpet cleaned per hour rather than than the "feet" per hour of residential. "Encap" can be a Godsend.

Depending on the price you charge, 400 – 700 sq ft/hr can be part of a good days, residential, income. On commercial, 2,000 – 2,500 sq ft/hr is recommended.  With proper equipment and products, this is possible. The result can be a good looking carpeting, which stays clean longer than before.

Opinions vary but, often,
Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning.gets the best results on short cut pile or loop carpeting  There are cleaners who use Ecap on every type of carpeting using the brush Pro or other types of scrubbers.

After good pre vacuuming, the anti resoiling property of the product can be very helpful, on olefin. I recommend, if you are going to use a brush machine on olefin loop, use counter rotating brushes of the Brush Pro and not a Rotary Scrubber (carpet manufacturers are not happy with rotary scrubbers) and be sure to brush only wet fiber. Olefin melts at a relatively low temperature. Do not brush dry olefin fiber!

A very important step is vacuuming.
Dry soil removal is an absolute necessity. Much of commercial cleanup is dry soil containment. Someone should vacuum, afterwards. A pile lifter can be very effective.

If the fiber is damp, when building occupants start walking on it, you will be removing the soil off everyone’s shoes……get it dry! Often, Encap will dry in 30 - 45 minutes.

Each time a job done with Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning, is vacuumed; there can be a greater release of soil than without it.

A true professional has options for getting things done. "Encap" can be one of those options, when used properly.

The idea is to make a good hourly profit with as few call backs as possible.


                MAKE MONEY!

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