Cleaning and Restoration Company Meetings  


Everyone we deal with is a potential communication problem.  Some problems surprise us. Others are predictable. With planning they could happen less often.


Communication problems in our cleaning and restoration businesses:

A technician who didn’t know a procedure that we talked about!

A customer asks a technician why that stain didn’t come out and did not like the answer and.....neither did you!

A job that needed special equipment...didn't have it.

A manager has no idea about an employee’s problem. The employee assumes the manager doesn't care. 

An irate customer received no information about a possible negative outcome.

A technician caused the same problem, as another tech, because they knew nothing about the other event. 

A job is scheduled earlier than usual, the technician arrives, at the shop, at regular time.
Failure to communicate.

One simple way to communicate is with company meetings.


Avoid the School of Hard Knocks  

Don't make each of your techs experience the same problem, others have had.


Develop Procedures 

“We removed a black line caused by duct tape and it’s back, what did we do wrong? How can we prevent this?”

Make, the answer, a procedure everyone learns, during a company meeting. Put it in your cleaning and restoration company manual.


Procedures Discovered

“Bob used Red Stain Remover on left over coffee stain and it took it out!”  Have Bob explain it to everyone, in one of your meetings. Again, put it in your manual.


What They Didn’t Know

TECH: “Someone told me this morning that if someone doesn’t pay sales tax they need to have a form, is this true?”  Make sure everyone understands, during company meetings. Put it in the manual.


Establish New Procedures

“Don’t forget, I need those van checkout sheets handed in today. It’s what we started using yesterday. I will need those every day.”


Maintain Existing Procedures

“The waste tanks are looking really good. Everyone is doing a great job of washing out the tanks every day.”

Training is not telling someone something once. Training is repetition. Do it till it becomes a habit.



Do you know what your people are saying? Some, would be shocked! Make sure they know all critical presentations that should be made.

“Let’s go over the front door introduction".

One subject, covered quickly each morning, in "short" company meetings, make a huge difference in the professionalism of your people.

A procedure you taught 6 months ago can become something you don’t recognize, if you don’t stay on it.


Cleaning and Restoration Safety

Show safety videos; lifting, driving etc. (The Texas State Employment Commissions lent videos to our company, look into your state)

Talk about ergonomics and how they can keep from being injured. Proper wand or tool technique can keep an employee healthy.


If you want it to happen again, praise it.

Collect positive feedback. Let your people know when you like what they do. Point out procedures not followed but keep positive feed back at a higher rate than negative.


Positive in public, negative in private.


            MAKE MONEY!


            Dennis Klager




Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager