Adding Value to Your Services





In cleaning, or any service business, there is a difference between price and value. Price is what you charge to cover your expenses and make a profit. Value is what your customer feels about what you did.


Pricing doesn’t guarantee your customer will feel good about what you did..  


It is my opinion that more customers of low price carpet and upholstery cleaning companies feel ripped off than do customers of higher priced providers. We, sometimes, worry about cost far more than giving worth to what we do.


Some things that can add “positive feeling” to your business:

  1. Being on time – especially the 1st job of the day!
  2. Calling if you won’t be on time.
  3. Looking good. What do your women customers think is a good looking uniform?  It’s not what many guys think it is. (90% of carpet cleaning customers will be women)
  4. Smelling good.
  5. Good looking vehicle – inside and out.
  6. Clean, shiny equipment.


If this customer is spending money to clean their home, CLEAN is important to them. How do you and your equipment fit this?


  1. Intelligent sounding presentations.                                                                                                                                                         Know what you will say.                                                                                                                                                                               Know what your employees will say. 
  2. Equipment that works like it should.  
  3. White gloves
  4. Corner guards
  5. Shoe covers.

A plumber in Houston had billboards with a huge picture of a plumber in a clean uniform wearing……….shoe covers! The caption on the billboard read, “We send clean plumbers to your house.”  They are busy. It’s obviously not the only thing that makes them successful, but it is, definitely, part of it. It sets them apart.


PS  People, generally, expect when they call a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning company that they can do what they advertised. What impresses people is when they get someone who not only does the job, but they do it with style!


      - Put your own, clean, door mat at the front door

      - Try not to use the customers’ bathroom; women will say it’s “okay” but won’t really like it.

      - Use your own garden hose.

      - Our surveys showed homeowners don’t like waiting for wet items to dry; get it dry!

      - Ask permission to park in the customers’ driveway. Also, find out if they’ll be leaving 

         while you are there and, if they are, maybe you should park on the street.

      - Never, ask to “borrow” customers’ tools.

      - Never set anything, on the customers’ furniture. Act like all their stuff is priceless.

      - Smile!


How many more things can you think of that can add worth to your service business?


We realized, at my company, that many cleaners could clean as good as us, but NONE did it with the style we did. We called it the “show”. Call it dog and pony. Call it anything you like. It makes a difference.

It can add value to your service.


        MAKE MONEY!


       Dennis Klager

     IICRC Instructor




Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager