Employee and Customer Trust 


In a cleaning and restoration business, employee and customer trust is a huge consideration. People need to know that you will do what you say. They, also, need to believe you won’t take advantage of them.




Your Employees


The people who work for you are entrepreneurs, in their own way. They are not building a business, for themslves, but they are building a life. They are doing it within the confines of your world, which, if handled properly, can become theirs.

These are the employees business owners dream about.

The ones who have bought into your company philosophy and have adopted your outlook. They voluntarily give their hearts and minds to the cause of your business. It has become their business, in their heart.


It’s an awesome responsibility!

They believe that you are what you represent yourself to be. They believe you will treat them with respect and keep promises made.

Trust is a major part of the relationship. Just like you want their honesty……they want yours.

Do the best you can to please these “golden” people, but don’t make false promises! Great relationships can be destroyed by promises not kept. “You used me”, “you strung me along”, “me and my family had plans".

Always keep in mind, "your word" is a solid foundation.


Rules are important. Fairness in applying them is also important. People need to know they will be treated the way they’ve been told or led to believe. A roller coaster ride of varying interpretations, of the rules, is destructive. Keep the guidelines consistent.


Always remember, honesty must always go 2 directions.




Your Customers


People want to hire companies they know are technically skilled, take care of unexpected problems, show up when they say they will and never try to cheat them. Be someone they can trust.


We humans are emotional creatures. Even the “tough guys.” :) Trustworthiness is one of the most basic human qualities. Without it there can be uncertanty.

Me and my wife often hire a home repair professional, who we've dealt with for years.  I know he can do whatever he says he can do. When he gives a price and we agree on what will be done, we absolutely, positively don’t EVER have doubt about a positive outcome. Beautiful work, done how and when he says he’ll do it!

He would have to screw up several times before I would change my opinion of him and his work. He has built one of the most important things there is….... trust. I don’t want another “estimate”. I don’t even consider anyone else. “Just do it.”  He’s got hundreds of clients who feel the same way. Sometimes it’s a wait to get him. The foundation he has developed is money in the bank.


The ultimate goal of any service business is to have trusted employees and owners, who have become “consultants”, to their customers. They count on them, on every level and are not particularly concerned about the price.


YES……it can happen!



                 MAKE MONEY!


                Dennis Klager
                IICRC Instructor



Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager