Effective Presentation


The first step in a good relationship is communication. Communication starts with effective presentation. Whether it's your spouse, friends, strangers, employees or business contacts, a satisfying relationship starts with communication.

The needs of communicators, become generally known to those they've connected with and, often, someone ends up helping them.

Most of the help we get, in life, is from people who are merely acquaintances, not really friends. The first requirement is communication. Communicators “get”, non communicators "tuff it out", in their personal lives, as well as business.


When cleaners and restorers are deciding  between, two, potential employees, an important deciding factor, for hiring, is communication skills. Do they have the potential for good presentation? Successful cleaners and restorers, often realize that the ability of technicians to learn technical skill, is secondary to learning effective presentation with customers.

Most technicians did not arrive at your door with the knowledge and outlook to “present” to your customers the way your company needs. It shouldn’t be left to the luck of the draw. Bobs’ a great presenter but Fred is not so good. With people who have various levels of communication skill you are in for a roller coaster ride. Your customers will get inconsistent messages. Problems happen that better and more effective presentation could have prevented.

A technician who has fewer problems dealing with customers, than another technician, usually, is the better communicator.

Communication is the key to success, in almost anything. A “standard” for everyone in the company should be set. A minimum level for all to reach. Those who can’t reach this level were probably a hiring mistake. Let them go.

Be careful who you hire!


The Standard


When I go to Chic Fillet and thank them for something, the answer is always, “My pleasure.” This is not by accident. Employees of Chic Fillet have been taught to respond this way. It’s a “standard” that everyone will meet!

Set up “standard” responses that everyone will give to various situations. These responses will not be optional, they will be a requirement.

Give your people things to say. No matter how good a “natural communicator” may be, they still need to know the expected response.

Tell them what you want. Practice, practice, practice.

I’m not saying you need to give them every word they will say in a day, but key situations are crucial.

  1. Front door greeting
  2. Inside, after being allowed in
  3. The walkthrough
  4. Up sales
  5. Response to often asked questions
  6. Presenting the estimate
  7. Asking for referrals before leaving

You will come up with more. It’s all based on what’s important to you and your company. Make sure effective presention, when it really matters, is being done by all. It’s a combination of positive attitude (yours!) and saying the right thing. 


A simple manual or printout of various situations and the message, expected to be conveyed, can be helpful. 

Cleaners and restorers must develop a group mentality of positive attitude and effective presentation.


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            Dennis Klager

            IICRC Instructor




Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager