Carpet & Rugs


Can You Dry Wet Carpet

 What to consider

Cleaning Filter Lines Out of Carpet

Sometimes they can be removed

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Make good money doing it  

Olefin Carpet Cleaning

Some simple procedures

Make More Money Carpet Cleaning

Make more without spending more to do it!

Sewage Contaminated Rugs

High dollar rugs are worth the time spent and price you'll charge

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning

One of the most profitable ways to clean commercial carpet 

Cleaning and Restoration Waste Water Dumping

Are you risking a major fine?


It's more important than many think


Some fibers have a problem with it  

Furniture Stains

Sometimes...they can be removed or made lighter

Carpet Dirt

It's not all the same

Carpet Cleaning Methods   

Professionals do what it takes

Carpet Protector Sales

Turn a $1a minute job into $10 a minute    

Coffee in the Carpet

Options for coffee stain removal

Nylon Carpet History

The stages of modern residential carpet development

Spots That Return in Carpet

Ways to keep from going back  

Carpet Pad

Better pad, longer carpet life

Rippled Carpet

Causes and prevention


Construction and styles

Spot Lifter Tool

Spills can wick back, upsetting the customer and causing you a call back!





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