Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Sales  


In the carpet and upholstery cleaning business, there are simple things you can do to add jobs and also, make more money, while on the job,
They can be cheaper than advertising and ......... more effective


1. The old fashioned “5 around.”

This may not work in every neighborhood….you decide. It has worked for me.

Make a door hanger, being sure the ink is water proof so if it rains you don’t dye the door!

Hang one on either side of your job and 3 across the street. Tell them you were working in the neighborhood.

2. Park your truck where it can be seen!

If the back door is more convenient, consider running extra hose so your truck, with the logo on it, will be seen on the street.

3. “Ask” your customer to tell their friends about you. Many people will tell others about your carpet and upholstery service, simply because they told you they would.

4. Offer customers referral discounts

Possibly, a coupon or certificate, they could put their name on and give to a friend.

5. Encourage your technicians to discuss everything that needs doing, in each customers home. Let your customers know what you do!. Teach them what to say.

The on-site sale can be the most profitable work a carpet and upholstery cleaning company does! You are already paying the expense of getting there. The original scope is paying the bills….this is profit!

6. Give your techs commission for add on.

a) For everything added on the job, consider a % fee above normal pay.

b) Often, technicians are tired or don’t have time to increase their job. Make it worth their while to promote a service, that needs to be done, and if the customer decides to do it, have the tech call the office and book the job.

A salesman’s commission is less than the cost of advertising. .

Carpet cleaners can leave thousands of dollars behind that they could have had if they had “asked for it.” Make it a company culture to never leave work that needs to be done, “unaccounted for.”

7. Perhaps, use an I Pad, or laptop. with professional, promotional videos which, often, manufacturers will provide.

8. Ask each customer if you can have their e-mail address and would they mind if you sent them something from time to time. This is inexpensive and also is a good way to promote, to get work in a slow week.

9. Another, relatively inexpensive idea is give your customer a “packet” upon arrival, explaining, not only, your carpet and upholstery service, but, also, the other things you do..

Example  Promote Protector and why they should use it. Maybe a discount for doing their ceramic tile, “right now”.


I don’t believe in hard sell. It’s a matter of trust. Do good work. Never lie to them. Do only what needs to be done.

Become your customers “consultant”.

Whatever you do, think sales.



                    Dennis Klager





Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager