Selling Carpet Protector 


Selling carpet protector is one of the most profitable things a cleaner can do.

If you aren’t doing it two things are happening:

  1. You are doing your customer a great disservice as their carpeting will get ugly and un-cleanable long before it should.
  2. You are working too hard, for your money.

The profit you will make from selling a product like Bridgepoint Maxim  can be the difference between a very profitable cleaning business and one that is “somewhat” profitable. Every service business needs a high profit item to make up for the unprofitable times.


Options for Protector Sales


If you don’t believe it works, you will never sell it!

Get a piece of light colored carpeting and clean it three or four times. Apply soil repellent to half and leave the other half unprotected. Walk on it and vacuum regularly. You could also use the great testing lab….your carpeting at home. :) The results are, absolutely, convincing.


Packages – Platinum or Gold

Platinum will include more services than silver, such as wiping down baseboards, air movers for drying etc. Both will include protection. You are offering two options that are both a win situation.

Packages – Platinum, Gold or Silver

No soil repellent with silver.

When presenting three packages, be sure you can make money with the middle offer……it will get chosen most often.

Another Option  

Include it on the ticket, when you do a quote. Your attitude should be, “of course you will have me apply it, its necessary.”

When the customer asks, “What’s this?” you be ready with a presentation, which can include the following:

“Scotchgard" or "Teflon" is applied at the mill when carpeting is made. It wears off from foot traffic and the mills want it replaced. They recommend it in their warrantees. It keeps soil from penetrating the fiber and making it un-cleanable. Your floor covering will stay looking good for years longer with regular application and MAINTENANCE.”

A “planned” response will always be more impressive than something “spur of the moment.”

If they didn’t buy, you can ask to apply some to a test area. (usually a 2 or 3 ft piece of hallway) and have them watch this area, for the next few months. Next time, they might insist you apply “that stuff you put in the hallway.” The section of carpet, you treated, will be two or three shades lighter than the rest of the hall.


When you succeed in soil repellent sales, apply it according to the label directions, so it works, or you may never sell it, again!

When called for spot cleaning, include the cost of protection, in your spotting. Unless the customer changes their habits, you will probably be asked to clean this area, with the same general pattern of spots, sometime again. You will have greater success removing them, with soil repellent on the carpet.


Remember, you’ve got to hear “no” to hear “yes”, when selling.



                  MAKE MONEY!


                        Dennis Klager

                  IICRC Instructor    




Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager