Cleaning and Restoration Companies communicate in many ways.

It’s been said that 50% of the impression that others get of you can be from what they see. You’ve communicated with them, and haven’t spoken a word.


One of the 1st things seen is your vehicle. What impression is it making? If it was all there was to evaluate you and your company, how would you score? Vehicles don’t have to be new, but it is important that they be dent free, washed and waxed.

If you take note, UPS does not have dented trucks on the road.

Are they all great drivers? Never have fender benders? No, they repair the trucks whenever something happens. Also, on a dry day, their trucks are, usually, clean.


There are 2 ways your vehicle works for you. Out on the road, for the general public and when you pull up to a customer’s location. The look of our vehicle can be why someone may or may not call you.

I received a call one day, from someone who got my number off our truck, our “Rolling Billboard”. They said, “Anyone who keeps their vehicles as sharp and good looking as yours always are, must be good.”  Even though this isn’t always true, it’s the way some people think. In our case it WAS TRUE. It was one of the many things we did right.


Personal appearance, of Cleaning and Restoration personnel, is a big issue.

This is something that’s seems to be changing. Younger customers may not care about ear rings and tattoos, while older customers, the ones, who often, have more money to spend, may have a different outlook.

My outlook is, make an appearance that everyone will accept. This way I will appeal to many standards.


Cleaning and Restoraqtion companies must make this is a "company decision". You must decide if you want every “dress code” to find you acceptable or you are appealing to a group that doesn’t care.

Appealing to a particular segment may be adding more difficulty to your business than you want!


You are not only representing your company, while on the job, but any time you are wearing the uniform. If the requirement is, tucked in and buttoned up, walking through a department store, after work, with the shirt untucked and unbuttoned over an under shirt may be unacceptable. People are getting an impression of your company, even when you're not “on the clock.”

If you want to relax, possibly removing the uniform shirt and wearing just a clean, sleeved, undershirt would be the way to go.


UPS has made the decision that everyone will adhere to a code of no beard, brown shorts or pants, brown shirt, brown socks, black shoes….period…..end of discussion. This works for them.


Are you and your company doing what is necessary for you to be “viewed” as acceptable?

Decide what your Cleaning and Restoration company needs to be doing and apply it to all.


         Dennis Klager




Copyright 2012 by Dennis Klager