Addon Work on Carpet Cleaning Jobs


FACT: If you don’t promote all that you do, you will do very little of it. Most customers don’t ask for everything they need. They ask for the most obvious thing. They, also, usually don't ask what you do. They don’t know everything you do, regardless of how many mailings and e-mails you’ve sent them.


FACT: If you sold all the services your customers need……you "could", double and triple your business, without spending a dime. Position yourself as the consultant. You are there to help them. TRUST is most important .Only sell them what they truly need. There are enough, truly needed, services, to keep you very busy.


If you’ve done work here before, it’s not if you will do work here but, how much? 


Your customers know you and your carpet cleaning techs. They like you or they wouldn’t have called you back. 


Talk to them, help them, help yourself.


Every add on attempt has a value. The more attempts you make, the more you sell. It’s not necessarily the people with the highest closing % who sell the most; it’s often the ones who make the most attempts. The closing % gets better with practice.


Open your mouth and say. “something”  anytime your customer needs ANYTHING that you do. This simple step will increase your add on selling, DRAMATICALLY!


Sales........ brrrrr ...... frightening and cold! Sends chills up and down my spine just thinking about it. "I'm a carpet cleaner, not a salesman!"  


So don't sell, discuss, interact....... what you've been doing since you learned to talk. Know the points you want to make and say it the way it comes naturally, to you. Sometimes a plan about what you will say, ahead of time, is beneficial.


EXAMPLE:  "How long have you had the recliner? You know, we can make it look a lot better. We've cleaned many like ths." - anything pre planned is usually better than something spontaneous.  


It can take as much energy to get the work as to do it. The old saying, “Build a better mousetrap and people will beat a path to your door,” may be true…..after you sell it.  


A person good at selling (talking, you do that all the time) can do anything. Everything else follows.


Of all the selling (talking) you will do, the most profitable is at the job. Overhead, hopefully, has been included as well as PROFIT. Profit lets you replace worn out equipment and grow.


REMEMBER: You've got to hear "no" to hear "yes". No is a good thing. It means you are on your way to that yes. If your closing % is 25%.....  you'll hear yes once, every 4 times you try - you'll get much better than that! 


NOTE: Your previous work has given your customer confidence in you and what you do. Benefit from this. 

Use in-home presentations.



Having been a flood, carpet and upholstery technician, for many years, I understand why a tech may not sell, every time the opportunity arises. They want to get home before eight o’clock at night. They’re tired!

Encourage your carpet cleaning techs to call the office and schedule work, in the future, if they can't do it today. Maybe, give them a commission, when the job is done. This is a whole lot cheaper than advertising!


If you have techs, help them with what they should say and how they should say it. Don’t send them out “unarmed”. Let them present, in a way that is natural for them, just make sure the content you want, is there.


                  MAKE MONEY!



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